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Bike Teacher Class Schedule

Bike Teacher Instruction

Get instruction in bike repair, maintenance and complete bike builds while learning on your own bike. With a complete hands on approach to  learning bike mechanics you can follow along with the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Repair. Park Tool Certificates available. 

There is a Park Tool Class that is a 18 chapter course (Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair) that is 40 hours of hands on training for $999. This class can be taken as consecutive days or broken up into evenings, weekends etc... You are welcome to try a 4 hour class and if you like it you may put that amount toward the 18 chapter course.

Contact Arthur at Bike Teacher today and reserve your one on one bike building experience today.

Bike Diagnosis

Don't want to get your hands too dirty? $75 3 hrs Learn to diagnose and maintain your bike and determine when its time to get it serviced. You will be able to make minor adjustments and make judgment calls that can keep you from running to the shop for help. You will gain confidence and know what your bike needs when it needs it

  • Wheel Inspection
  • Tire and Tube Repair
  • Shifting Adjustments
  • Cog and Chainring Wear Inspection
  • Brake Inspection/Cable Adjustment
  • Frame Inspection
  • Bearing Play for Hub, Crank And Headset
  • Chain- Wear, Cleaning, Lubrication and Damage
  • Torque- Seat post, Saddle, Handlebars, Stem, Wheel Retention


What you can expect to learn in this class. Look for indications of wear, damage and what this means and how to address it.

You Will Inspect For:

Wheel inspection- broken spokes, spoke tension, stress cracks on the rim near the eyelets,  sidewall damage such as deep scratches, dents and wear from brake pads, Cleaning sidewall

Tire/Tube Repair/Inspection- removal and installation of skewer and wheel, differences of schrader valve and presta valve, remove and replace tube using one, two and three tire levers, patch tube, inspect tire for wear and aging, different types of rim strips purpose, and failures

Shifting Adjustments- Proper movement of front and rear derailleurs, cable pinch bolt condition, cable and  housing and ferrule condition, Quick guide to derailleur adjustments with the adjusting barrel

Cassette/Chainring Wear- Cassette wear on teeth, cleaning procedure, Chainring wear on teeth, straightening bent teeth, check torque for looseness.

Brake Inspection/Cable Adjustment- Brake quick release disengagement, cable and housing inspection, pinch bolt torque, brake pad wear and alignment, Brake cable barrel adjustment and cable pinch bolt adjustment.

Frame Inspection- Look for cracks in the frame in steel, aluminum, carbon and so on, bent forks and dropouts, rub and wear marks from cable housing

Bearing Play- Check for loose wheel hubs, crankset bearings, headset play and knocks, bearings with too much tension and rolling resistance.Chain Wear/Cleaning/Lube and Damage- Chain life, maintaining a clean chain and products, proper lubrication and product, bent links, chain to long, chain measurement

Torque- Safe bolt tightness, learn about torque settings and the importance of grease and it’s relation to creaks and squeaks

On-Ride Repairs

Basics Only Please! $105 3hours (BOP) The essentials every biker rider needs to know to get themselves out of a bind if your out on the trail or a desolate highway. Learn these survival repairs to get yourself or a fellow rider rolling again.

  • Flat Repair
  • Tire Repair
  • Lubrication
  • Bent Wheel
  • Broken Spoke
  • Brake Adjustment
  • Derailleur Adjustment
  • Bent Derailleur Hanger
  • Chain Drop/Chain Suck
  • Chain Repair/Replacement


Flat Repair Learn to fix a flat in different scenarios, from the easiest to hardest of tire removal and installs. Learn how to use one tire lever, two tire levers and three tire levers effectively. You will be prepared and feel confident.

Tire Repair Fix a tire that has a sidewall cut that will get you home by using whats in your pockets.

Lubrication is your friend. It keeps the the peace between moving parts, but excess is just bad.

Broken Spoke Your ride is not over because of a busted spoke. Learn how to deal with it and ride strong.

Brakes Are your brakes on vacation? Learn to fine tune them with ease. Adjust them to your personal preference.

Derailleurs OK, derailleurs can be scary, but don't fret. Your adjusting barrel is truly your friend. A quarter turn here a quarter tune there, Done!

Chain drop and chain suck are indicators there is a bigger problem. It's time to inspect your drivetrain (chain, chainrings, cassette, derailleurs) and make adjustments.

Chain Life Chains wear out. A chain is like the oil in your car. It wears with time and dirt and if it is not replaced periodically it will wear out and destroy the parts it comes in contact with. ie. Cassette and chainrings. That equals money that could be spent elsewhere.


Schedule for all classes are offered all year round, weekdays, weekends and evenings. Classes are starting everyday, Call Bike Teacher today to schedule your class.

Beginner Class

Learn basic repairs to keep you rolling in the field or in the garage $150 4 hrs

  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Brake Adjustment
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Derailleur Adjustment
  • Chain Replacement
  • Bike Maintenance

Intermediate Class

Add new life to your bike.  $150 4 hrs

  • Brake Cable Replacement
  • Derailleur Cable Replacement
  • Chain Life Evaluation Replacement
  • Pedal Removal, Service
  • Headset Adjustment
  • Introduction to Bearing Diagnosis

Advanced Class

Combine Beginner and Intermediate Classes with wheel truing 12 Hrs Class  $325

  • Wheel Truing
  • Flat Tire Repair/Tubeless Compatibility
  • Brake Cable Replacement
  • Derailleur Cable Replacement
  • Housing Replacement
  • Chain Life Evaluation and Replacement
  • Bottom Bracket Adjustment
  • Headset Adjustment
  • Hub Overhaul
  • Pedal Removal, Service

Special Projects

Special Projects $45 hrs

Choose Your Project. Install a derailleur, swap out a component groups, install a headset or build a bike, it's your choice.

Corporate Clinics

Business’s can offer their employee’s tailored clinics or workshops to promote healthy lifestyles and contribute towards a green work environment.

Class Size and Times

Beginner and Intermediate Classes have a five person maximum

Advanced Class has a two person Maximum

Classes are kept small so you get a high level of personalized learning experience.

Install and adjust rear derailleur
Overhaul Rear Hub
Bike Teacher Work Bench
Bike Wall

Pro Bike Build Class

Sea Otter Classic April 10th-13th

Sea Otter Classic

Arthur at Bike Teacher will be attending Sea Otter Classic as a vendor for the first time promoting "Teaching Bicycle Mechanics" Classes. Stop by and say hi.

Raffles will be held daily giving away Class time and service deals. Also offering free demonstrations on brake and derailleur adjustments and other.

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Bike Teacher at SF Bike Expo

November 16th 2013 11am-6pm

Stop By and say hi at Bike Teacher's Booth

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*Light Repair work will be offered at the SF Bike Expo by Bike Teacher.

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Bike Teacher hosting San Jose Bike Clinic (SJBC). Internal volunteer bicycle mechanic training. Building A Robust Foundation! 11/14/13

Meetup Groups

Bike Teacher San Jose Ca

Bike Teacher hosting Clinic for Meetup Group November 4th 6:30-7:15pm. Covering the basics of bike repairs. (San Jose/Campbell Riding, Hiking and Anything Fun)

Bike Teacher at Sports Basement In Sunnyvale

Bike Teacher  to Sponsor San Jose Mountain Bike Meetup Group SJMB 10/30 7pm

San Jose Ca

San Jose Cyclocross Arena

San Jose Cyclocross Arena

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