Bike Diagnosis

Know whats going on without getting your hands dirty.


2 hours, $55

Attend with a group of 4-5 and pay$ 30 ea. 

Learn how to diagnose, maintain and determine when it's time to have your bike serviced. Make sure the job was done right after getting back from the shop. You will learn to identify components and their intended job. You will be able to determine what is working correctly or just does not sound right. Most of all you will gain confidence and know what your bike is saying when it needs it.

  • Wheel Inspection
  • Proper tools and spare parts needed for emergencies
  • Bad Shifting habits to avoid
  • Cog and Chainring Wear Inspection
  • Brake Inspection/Cable Adjustment
  • Cleaning and lubrication
  • Frame Inspection
  • Bearing Play for Hub, Crank And Headset
  • Chain Wear, Cleaning, Lubrication and Damage
  •  Proper tension of bolts- Seat post, Saddle, Handlebars, Stem, Wheel Retention

What to expect from this class

Look for indications of wear, damage and what this means and how to address it.

Wheel inspection- broken spokes, spoke tension, stress cracks on the rim near the eyelets, sidewall damage such as deep scratches, dents and wear from brake pads, cleaning the sidewalls of your tires.

Tire/Tube Repair/Inspection- removal and installation of skewer and wheel, differences of schrader valve and presta valve, remove and replace tube using one, two and three tire levers, patch tube, inspect tire for wear and aging, different types of rim strips purpose, and failures.

Shifting Adjustments- Proper movement of front and rear derailleurs, cable pinch bolt condition, cable and housing and ferrule condition, Quick guide to derailleur adjustments with the barrel adjuster.

Cassette/Chainring Wear- Cassette wear on teeth, cleaning procedure, Chainring wear on teeth, straightening bent teeth, check torque for looseness.

Brake Inspection/Cable Adjustment- Brake quick release disengagement, cable and housing inspection, pinch bolt torque, brake pad wear and alignment, Brake cable barrel adjustment and cable pinch bolt adjustment.

Frame Inspection- Look for cracks in the frame in steel, aluminum, carbon and so on, bent forks and dropouts, rub and wear marks from cable housing.

Bearing Play- Check for loose wheel hubs, crankset bearings, headset play and knocks, bearings with too much tension and rolling resistance.

Chain Wear/Cleaning/Lube and Damage- Chain life, maintaining a clean chain and products, proper lubrication and product, bent links, chain to long, chain measurement.

Torque- Safe bolt tightness, learn about torque settings and the importance of grease and it’s relation to creaks and squeaks.

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