Get Your Bicycle Mechanic Certifiction

Many bike mechanics take various training courses before they perform any repairs at a bike shop. Without a bike certification, the process of finding a maintenance job at a repair shop will be challenging because most managers only hire certified bicycle technicians. Bike Teacher Offers Certification Programs By working with Bike Teacher, you’ll become certified in a reasonable length of time depending on the course that you choose.

Throughout every course, an instructor will give you individual attention so that you’ll fully understand each training exercise. At Bike Teacher, everyone learns the latest mechanic techniques because the instructors use proper tools that benefit students. Exam Details You’ll need plenty of hands-on training in order to complete the certification examination. A typical exam has various skill tests and a written portion. Bicycle School General Information At a typical bicycle school, the instructor will explain wheel building, suspension repairs, and wheel truing methods.

You’ll have an opportunity to take a number of courses, which include bicycle assembly and maintenance, spoked wheel lacing, bicycle repair and overhaul, and more. A bicycle assembly and maintenance course is ideal for fleet maintenance workers, residential mechanics, and shop assemblers. The coursework will cover all aspects of adjusting, assembling, and maintenance. At Bike Teacher, you can complete this type of course within about five days.

You can only take a spoked wheel lacing course while you’re enrolled in a bicycle assembly and maintenance course because it’s a supplemental course. A spoked wheel lacing course is designed for fleet maintenance workers who would like to lace wheels without depending on bike shop technicians. This course covers:

  • Wheel truing preparation procedures
  • Spoke-tread prep work
  • Assembly tasks for hub and spokes

If you work with Bike Teacher, you can complete a spoked wheel lacing course in around three hours. Although the training is short, you’ll get an opportunity to test your skills while lacing a wheel. If you take a bicycle repair and overhaul cover, you’ll learn assembly and maintenance techniques and additional skills that benefit typical shop mechanics. Throughout this program, you’ll work on traditional bikes, exotic bikes, juvenile bikes, and off-road varieties.

You’ll have to complete various hand-on training exercises and lectures in order to pass this course. Each exercise will help you develop thread preparation skills, solvent and cleanser identification skills, fork blade alignment skills, and other mechanical abilities. You can complete this type of course in about 12 days if you enroll at Bike Teacher.

Benefits of Being a Bike Mechanic After you are certified, you’ll have an opportunity to land a job in an industry that has rapid growth. According to studies, the employment rate for bicycle mechanics is expected to increase by 25 percent over the next few years. If you enjoy performing innovative repairs, a career as a bike mechanic is a great choice.