Bicycle Repair And Maintainance

Need a little guidance to some bike love?

Need a little guidance to some bike love?

We might be a little biased, but there are few things that equal the endorphin releasing properties of bicycle riding. The sensations you experience after a nice, long ride, solo or with a couple of like-minded friends, on dirt or pavement, stay with you for hours afterwards and leave you eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to toss on your bike togs and head out on the road or trail. Nothing will put a halt to the next ride, however, like an issue with a bike components.

A wobbly wheel, brakes that are noisy or ineffective and drive train components that miss shifts at critical moments do not lead to endorphins, they lead to frustration and staying home. They also lead to pushing, and bikes were meant to be ridden, not pushed. Aside from avoiding those scenarios, how cool would it be to not only get the fitness and recreation benefits of riding, but also to have a rewarding hobby as part of the deal?

Alternatively, perhaps you would like to take your passion for bikes and make it into an income-generating career as a certified bicycle mechanic or bike shop owner. That is what happens for anyone who takes classes at our bicycle maintenance school. Learning to do your own repairs and adjustments is a satisfying addition to the other reasons for riding. Riders who enjoy doing their own repair, maintenance and adjustments often use our classes to make the transition to making it a career. People already in the business see our classes as an excellent way to advance their skill level.

Bicycles have gotten more complex over the years. More gears, higher precision shifters, suspension systems, tubeless tires, disc brakes and exotic frame and component materials have made bikes lighter and more capable, but proper adjustments are more critical than ever. Our bicycle maintenance school can make you more confident on your ability to complete a ride under any conditions and best of all, you learn to do all the necessary procedures on your own bikes.

We have classes at our bicycle maintenance school for every level of interest. Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes cover everything from the basics, such as fixing flats, adjusting components and setting up your riding position for the best possible fit, to more advanced skills, such as adjusting headsets and servicing clipless pedals. Our advanced level classes are comprehensive enough that people who would like to make bicycle maintenance their profession can gain the hands-on skills to handle every make of bicycle, component group or performance enhancing aftermarket add-on.

Some of our students have made the leap to doing repairs and set-ups for bicycle clubs and racing teams. Those who avidly anticipate every ride will gain the confidence of knowing that their bike is in peak condition every time they hit the road or trail. Professional bike mechanics for shops and teams can learn everything they need to know to keep up with the latest technology or restore classic bikes to their original condition.