Fox Float Fork

Warranty? Fox Racing Float Evolution fork has an issue of the top cap coming loose. Fox says it's possible the stanchion tube is coming loose from the crown. This is pressed in from the factory and needs to be fixed at Fox. They say this 2013' fork should fall under warranty.

It was first experienced as the CTD knob (climb,trail,descend) turning on it's own. During the ride the knob would spin, turning the descend mode to trail then to climb. So by the end of the ride you were left in climb mode unwillingly. It was not truly evident until we spotted oil leaking out of the top cap. After failing to stay tight following three recommended torque settings of 24.9nm, it has now been sent in to fox. 

 Packaging/shipping leaky parts, saran wrap the part. I did not want to put a plastic grocery bag on this fork, that would have been degrading. Instead use small strips of stretch plastic to tightly wrap the leaking area and finish it with some tape at the ends to ensure a secure seal. This may be an old trick but I'd like to see the look on the faces of the fox boys upon opening.

To recap, this fork was sent in for a top cap that kept coming loose. Inadvertently leaking oil and loosing CTD adjustability and possibly a squeak. I had not herd from fox for a few days and then BAM! It's at my door step fixed under warranty , no questions asked, upgraded to new Kashima uppers. Thanks Fox Racing.

Fox Racing Float 29 er Fork 130mm travel, CTD


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