Sea Otter Classic 2015, April 16-19

A kick off of spring with racing and new products

The Sea Otter Classic was a great time. I have been attending this event for about 20 years now and every year I still get excited. From the moment I sign up for a race to pulling into the parking lot I'm like a little kid excited and jumping out of my skin. This year did not disappoint, there was an over whelming amount of vendors from bike manufactures, components, energy food, pro's and clothing. Every year I urge people to go who have never attended.

It's the greatest show on earth. Even if you are remotely interested in the sport you can find something for all. Its family oriented with giant float balls in a pool, slides and kids fun races for all ages. There is also every discipline of riding and racing to see or participate in. They have races for the full blown adrenaline junky with downhill, the ever growing enduro racing, dual slalom and a jump bag that are all very crowd friendly. Then there's the lung busting cardio blow out like road racing, cross country mountain biking and a growing culture of cyclocross racing. 

The cx race is one you don't want to miss. It takes place on Saturday afternoon and the course runs through the Sea Otter venue right past the beer garden. It's not out of the ordinary to see the crowd handing out beer and one dollar bills to the racers. The higher the caliber of group racing the more the crowd participation if you know what I mean (lots of  heckling). For my self I usually enter the sport xc race and an occasional cx race.

The cross country race is usually on Sundays so imbibing the days leading up are challenging especially with a well equipped beer garden and the occasional free beer from the bike makers . They do have a cool assortment of food to choose from. My goto every year is the giant chicken teriyaki skewer and fried rice. Don't forget the churro's and the kettle corn for the ride home. Although there is plenty of energy food to sample at the booths. Just like going to Costco but healthier.

Camping and motels are in wide abundance. Check the site for contacts.