Bike Crash Destroys Wheel

We rode Skeggs, in Woodside California Sunday January 24th also known as Corte Madera Creek Open Space Preserve. This is a great place to mountain bike if you you like your single track with fire roads and a healthy dose of climbing. It's universally canopy shaded so it offers some relief in the summer time. You can make short loops or just about any time frame you want in this park. There is nothing too technical here. The area's that are in question will make you a better rider with challenges you can opted out of. I like what this place has to offer, fitness wise. Just be sure to go prepared with plenty of food and water and a specially good map reading skills or a guide.

This accident happened about 2 1/2 miles in on our way out. The rider Jose tried to jump a downed tree stump when the tire hit the tree half way over in it's cycle when the wheel finally hit, it happened to be in a week spot of the wheel (previous hit) and Bang! the tubeless tire blew and over the bars he flew to a forgiving landing. He is fine but the Crank Brothers wheel got destroyed immediately. 

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