Alum Rock Park Bike Ride

My steering felt funny as soon as we left the parking lot. Gorgeous Day most would consider this a boring park to ride but the scenery was spectacular.

 It felt as if I had extremely low air pressure or my front tire was very sticky to the ground. When we arrived at the park I felt the headset was loose, tightening did nothing so I took a peek inside and found the bearings had come off the designated bearing cage. This could have been the beginning of the end of the ride for me, luckily the bearings popped back into place and a way we went. The stem never sat flush, there was obviously something wrong with the headset.

 For whatever reason the headset came loose, probably from use, either way the looseness and continued riding produced the bearings to fall out of place and gum up the feel of the steering. Putting the bearings back into place and readjusting the headset did the job; despite the gap in the headset it felt great. Oh well, sometimes stock parts break down like this after a year so I was not surprised.

 Bikes, hikers, runners and horses can be found here. As far as bike riding goes prepare your self for many feet of climbing with little to no technical trails involved. You come here if you enjoy a change of scenery from plush redwood shaded canopy riding and a challenging workout. I like it in late winter to spring; everything is green and bright this time of year. I often cycle from my house in Willow Glen to Alum Rock as a destination turner around point.

 It often reminds me of Riding in Monterey, near Laguna Seca Raceway. Except with less opportunity for single track. The ground is usually hard packed unless there have been consecutive days of raining. Then it's off limits, it becomes too sticky and you and your bike won't stand a chance. If you looking for more challenge technical terrain with more single track, jumps and drops, visit Soquel Demonstration Forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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