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What Bike Teacher’s Bicycle Maintenance School Can Offer You

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Bike Teacher’s bicycle maintenance school can offer you many benefits. We provide personalized one‑on‑one training. You’ll get the opportunity, if you choose, to work directly on your own bike at our bicycle maintenance school. We consider that the ultimate in hands‑on training. No matter whether you’re a bicycle enthusiast, member of a racing team, or desire to make bicycle repair your profession, Bike Teacher’s bicycle maintenance school has the classes you need.

With Bike Teacher’s bicycle maintenance school, you’ll get expert advice. Our instructors are professionals. We give you the best advice regarding bicycle maintenance found anywhere. Our instructors are bicycle maintenance experts and share their expertise with you. At Bike Teacher we take teaching bicycle maintenance to a whole new level and work tirelessly to help you learn bicycle maintenance at your own pace and on your own time schedule. We encourage you to schedule classes that fit your time constraints. We understand you’re busy and we will do our best to allow you to attend our bicycle maintenance school on your schedule, not ours.
Our bicycle maintenance school gives you hands‑on experience. You get to try out the techniques you’re learning about on your bicycle, or if you would rather learn on another bike, we will provide one for the learning experience. You are going to be practicing and developing skill sets under the guidance of a certified bicycle mechanic, the experts at Bike Teacher will be there for you every step of the way.

We provide coherent and consistent material. We use the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair at our bicycle maintenance school.  Many consider it to be the bible of bicycle repair. You will learn in a relaxed atmosphere, where instructors use a consistent comprehensive curriculum in every bike class you’ll attend. Our bicycle maintenance school is geared towards helping you succeed whether you’re a beginner wanting to fix your own bicycle or someone who wants to become a professional bicycle mechanic. We provide certificates of completion for our 40 hour and 70 hour classes.

Bike Teacher’s bicycle maintenance school provides you with instructors who realize that the genius of great bicycle mechanics is their attention to detail. We will work with you to make your experience as productive and educational as possible. If you want to become a professional bicycle mechanic, our industry experts will teach you how to be customer focused. We will prepare you for the real‑world experiences you can expect as a professional bicycle mechanic.

By taking class at Bike Teacher you become eligible to receive discounts on the purchase of tools. It can save you a little money and help you get a start on your own set of tools.

Contact Bike Teacher today at (408) 210‑2890. We are happy to work with you. If you mention this post when you buy a class, you’ll get your second class at 50% off. Now that’s a great deal!