Best Bike Repair Classes in California

Bike Teacher is known for having the best bike repair classes in California. We give you personalized instruction and we work on your schedule. Bike Teacher’s classes are what you need to succeed with your own bicycle repair and in the bicycle repair industry. We leave nothing out. You’ll learn everything you need to know to maintain and repair bicycles and have fun doing it with Bike Teacher.  Now, we’ll let you know what the best bike repair classes in Southern California can do for you.
We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced bicycle repair classes that will teach you about all the systems of a bike and how to maintain and repair each component. In the beginner class, you’ll learn how to maintain and repair the most common issues associated with riding a bike such as flat tire repair, brake adjustment and chain lubrication among other things. Our intermediate bike repair classes will show you how to do a brake cable replacement, a chain life evaluation and replacement, and tackle pedal removal. Our San Jose area bike repair classes will teach you how to set up bicycle shocks to handle specific rider weight. Not many of our competitors do that. In our advanced bike repair class, you will learn wheel truing and hub overhaul among other things. Our bike repair classes are comprehensive at every stage of learning. Bike Teacher truly offers the best bike repair classes in Southern California.

If you live in the San Jose area and want to become a professional bike mechanic, we have bike repair classes that will help you accomplish that goal. We have a 40 hour class and a 70 hour bike repair class which includes certification upon completion that will teach you how to work in the bicycle industry and keep bikes working at optimum levels. You get one on one instruction and are able to work on your own bike, or one of ours. Bike classes include everything from tubeless tire set up to rider position set‑up. Our bike repair 40 hour class can help you work on being the best bicycle mechanic you can be. Of course, our 70 hour class covers more information and will help you learn about the different style of components that you’ll run into on a day to day basis in a bike shop once you become a professional bicycle mechanic.
If you don’t want to become a full time bicycle mechanic, that’s fine. Bike Teacher has special project classes. In these bike repair classes, you get to choose what you work on. You’ll get one on one instruction and complete working on your bike at a very affordable price. You can take the classes on an as needed basis and on your schedule; learn on your own terms how to fix your own bike.
Bike Teacher also offers Southern California bike repair classes for businesses and special events. We do pro bike builds for those of you who are interested in that, we provide shock service, and we offer bike repair classes on suspensions, bearing replacements, and tubeless tires. Contact us today for the best bike repair classes in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Our phone number is (408) 210‑2890. We’ll be happy to accommodate you.