Looking For a Bicycle Repair Course

Looking for a Bicycle Repair Course – Bike Teacher Has What You Need
Are you looking for a bicycle repair course? Do you want to repair bicycles professionally, or are you just interested in taking care of your own bike? Regardless of your reasons, if you want a great bicycle repair course, then Bike Teacher has just what you need.

Bike Teacher Offers a One‑On‑One Personal Experience

We keep class sizes low so that you can get one‑on‑one time with your instructor. You will learn by doing. This is called experiential learning, and it’s proven to be very effective. We are completely hands on and will make sure that you get the training you need in our bicycle repair course.

Bike Teacher’s Bicycle Repair Course Can Be Done on Your Schedule

Yes, that’s true. We have various times available for you to take our bicycle repair courses. Whether you want to do a special project on your bike or need help learning the basics of bike repair, we’ve got a bicycle repair course for you. Our variety sets us apart from our competitors, but so too does our willingness to work with you. We know that your time is valuable and you may not have the time to take your bicycle repair course during the day. Nearly everybody’s got to work. We have Monday through Friday classes available anytime between 8am – 10pm and weekend classes are optional and totally doable. We will schedule your bicycle repair class on your time. Bike Teacher is happy to work out class times that best compliment your life. Just contact us for more information.

What Kinds of Basic Bicycle Repair Courses Does Bike Teacher Offer?

We have a beginner, intermediate and advanced class. In our beginning class, little to no prior skill is required. We will help you learn to maintain and repair the most common bicycle issues. For four hours, you will learn flat tire repair, how to adjust the brakes, brake pad replacement, derailleur replacement and a chain replacement. Our intermediate class, which is also four hours, further explores bicycle repair. In this bicycle repair course, you’ll get into the nitty‑gritty of bike repair. You’ll learn some of the more complicated issues that you could come across while caring for your bike at home, issues like: brake cable replacement, derailleur cable replacement and adjustment, chain life evaluation, pedal removal, headset adjustment and introduction to bearing diagnosis. Our advanced bicycle repair course lasts 12 hours and will help you become a well‑rounded bicycle mechanic. You’ll learn the most challenging aspects of bike repair including wheel truing. You can divide up the hours however you need to. All classes welcome beginners to experienced bike mechanics.

What other Bicycle Repair Courses Does Bike Teacher Have?

We have a tune‑up course that teaches you how to tune‑up your own bike. It’s pretty intensive and we have various options that you can take. See our website for more information. We also offer a 40‑hour and a 70‑hour class for people who are interested in making bicycle repair their career. We cover so many topics in both classes that you’ll be able to handle any challenge that comes your way. Our bicycle repair courses will provide you with certificates of completion so you can go out into the world and make bicycle repair a rewarding career.

All of our offerings are located at http://www.biketeacher.com/classes/. Check out our bicycle repair courses. We’re sure you can find something to fit your needs.