I've been seriously riding for over 20 years. (Bike Teacher Review)

I've been seriously riding for over 20 years. I own an assortment of bikes, including hybrids with grip shifters, road bikes with Shimano index shifters, a tandem with a monster disk brake, and a high-end carbon-fiber bike with electronic shifters.  For years, I've worked on this assortment of bikes with trepidation, as I knew enough to be dangerous.  As a birthday present, my wife signed me up for the 40-hour class from Arthur.  

As others have noted, Arthur is a very patient teacher. When he says "let's remove that widget", he intends that you should remove it.  This is not a class where you watch the teacher.  You are wrenching on your bike (or his) while he's nearby giving advice if needed.  When you've dropped his tool or a handful of bolts and washers on the floor for the nth time, he calmly retrieves them. When you are about to install something backwards, he gently points out the issue.   When you work one-on-one, you have the opportunity to ask all of the questions you always wanted to ask. Even stupid questions are respectfully answered.  Arthur's shop is fully stocked with top-of-the-line Park tools, and he knows how to use all of them.  

In this class we serviced hubs and bottom brackets, replaced brake and shifter cables, removed and reinstalled cassettes and chain rings, measured chain stretch, removed chain links and replaced chains, straightened bent derailleurs, trued wheels, replaced spokes, adjusted brakes, and serviced head sets.  Not only am I confident that I can diagnose what's not working on my bikes, I now am confident that I can probably fix it.

Last, Arthur taught me how to think like a mechanic.  When we encountered problems that weren't simple to fix, he taught me how to carefully and methodically approach each problem. Tricks and tips were revealed, and sage advice was olled out constantly.  If you really want to learn about bike maintenance from a great teacher, then I highly recommend his 40-hour class.