To Disk Brake Or Not To Disk Brake

Are disk brakes better than nondisk brake systems?

I can answer from experience, I have ridden both with and without disk brakes. I was hesitant to ride with disc brakes when they first came out, now I can’t see riding without them. Ask yourself the simple question, would you want to drive your (daily driver) car with or without power brakes. Take it a step further take away your power steering and a/c. Disc brakes are designed to stop well in any weather, including rain, mud, snow, sand etc. Disk brake systems whether hydraulic or not are self-cleaning and like nondisk brakes, you can fine tune stopping power by changing brake pad materials in some cases.

The only drawback I can see for most people is accidentally squeezing the brake lever when the wheel is not on the bike. If squeezed enough times the pads will touch each other not realizing the rotor is missing. But this can be remedy in seconds. Maintenance, on the other hand, requires bleeding the system after so many hours of use. You would need to take it into the shop if you're uncomfortable with this idea. I still like non disk brakes and for most recreational riders, they would not notice the differences between the two.

Cost is always a factor, you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap expect to the quality and life span to be that of a non chargeable battery.