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Have you ever wanted to attend a professional bicycle mechanic school? Like the ones in Oregon or Colorado? Now there's Bike Teacher a school created in Northern California. For those of you who live closer or in California , Barnett's Bicycle Institute and United Bicycle Institute (UBI) is not the only choice anymore.

Maybe some of you have attended Barnett's Bicycle Institute or United Bicycle Institute five or ten years ago, bikes have changed since then. As little as maybe four years ago internal routing on bicycle frames was rarely seen. Now I have seen them on bikes at the recreation level. Disk brakes, through axle, and electronic shifting are becoming the standard for a lot of bikes today, not to mention E Bikes. When I enrolled at Barnetts Bicycle Institute back in 2000' disk brakes were barely braking into the market (no pun intended).

I thought about attending UBI (United Bicycle Institute) as an alternative to trying them out and getting introduced to the latest technology. Instead I choose to learn about them myself on my own terms. With a lot of determination and mistakes I was able to figure out the new bikes at my pace, so my time really counted. That's something I can offer here at Bike Teacher that Barnett's Bicycle Institute and UBI (United Bicycle Institute) can not, and that's a smaller classroom often a one on one learning experience and a customizable curriculum.