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Suspension Service Class


Learn to service your own forks and shocks on your own bike. All classes welcome beginners to experienced levels.

$175  Forks    allowed time up to 3 hrs

$100 Shock (rear) Allowed time up to 1.5 hrs

Includes all fluids, parts extra (dust seal kit)

Most manufactures recommend service be completed at approximately 60 hours of ride time for shocks (rear) and 100 hours for the fork. get your hands dirty removing the lowers of your fork legs, draining oil, cleaning, removing and replacing dust seal wipers. Remeasure new oil fluid and reinstalling new crush washers while finding the correct torque specs.

Sometimes sooner service is required if conditions call for it. Don't wait for there to be a problem like a loose dust seal or oil leak. Waiting around for this to happen means parts are wearing out and may need replacing. In most cases the the forks oil volume has worn away and the shocks are dry. Lack of oil and an abundance of dirt equal bad things.

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