Tubeless Tire And Wheel Set-UP

Up to 2 Hours $85 (not including sealant)

All classes welcome beginners to experienced levels.


Interested in learning about tubeless tire setup and their benefits? Or are you just looking for a little guidance to sealing up that stubborn tire? 

  • Bring in your two wheels for proper set up
  • Receive a discount when using our product
  • Learn proper technique and trouble shooting scenarios
  • Leave feeling confident you made the right choice learning how to complete a job well done.

 Take this class and you will learn the fundamentals of how to properly and safely set up tubeless tires. Enjoy a 2 hour hands on class in a fully equipped shop ready to handle any problems that you may have. You will go through all the possible scenarios that may come up during a typical tubeless setup. At the end of this class you will have the knowledge and confidence to tackle any job. 

THE COST OF A TYPICAL SET UP FROM A SHOP RUNS $60-$100 for labor only. Invest in your self and gain the knowledge to complete a job well done.



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