Learn To Tune-Up Your Own Bike

Tune-Up Special

$150 2 1/2 hour class (tune up value $90)

Add on's to the tune up class include

Cable & Housing Replacement  ($80 value)

Tune Up included (cables and housing supplied)

$200 3 hour class

Drivetrain Cleaning ($100 value)

$275 4 hours

Tune-Up Includes Inspection and adjustments -

  frame, fork & components
Adjust bottom bracket
Tighten crank bolts
Tighten chainring bolts
Inspect pedals for wear & tighten
Adjust headset & check stem bolts
Adjust hub bearings front & rear
True wheels
Lube Cables & Housing
Align Derailleur Hanger
Adjust brakes
Adjust front derailleur
Adjust rear derailleur
 Lubricate, Tighten & final check
Bike Wipe Down

  Cables and Housing

Includes new cables and housing, remove and replace brake and derailleur cables and housing. Measure and cut new housing, Install cables into shifter and brakes, reattach and adjust cables to brakes (when applicable) and front and rear derailleurs. 

Drivetrain Cleaning

Includes removal of cassette, front and rear derailleurs, chain and right crank arm and chainrings, Degrease and clean all parts, reinstall all components, reconnect chain, attach brake and derailleur cables and adjust as needed.

Additional items that may arise and may be included if within the allotted time frame.

  • brake pad replacement

  • spoke replacement

  • add tire sealant for tubeless

  • chain replacement

  • retape handlebars

  • installation of minor parts, saddle, pump etc...

  • Things of this nature

This is a vital skill to learn, a tune up is the most common service anyone will have to get done to their bike. Come peak bike riding season your are either dealing with long turnaround times or over paying for multiple family members bikes and that can add up. Take this class in as little as one day and you can service not only your families bikes but your friends, not to mention the satisfaction of learning something new, completing a job well done and saving on a ton of cash, because this service will be needed again and again.

*Parts other than cables and housing not included.