Where can I learn how to ride?

Check with your local sporting goods and bike shop if they are a multi sport shop they should offer classes for most of the equipment they sell or rent. REI in the northern California may be one.

Learning to ride

This is what a typical class may look like for someone who has never ridden a bicycle.

 The environment is set for success and fun. The new rider will get familiar with the bike at their own pace.

  • Start with setting the seat height so the rider can comfortable touch the ground with both feet.
  • Pedals are removed so there is no distractions.
  • The rider then places on foot forward to start movement and continues with the other.
  • When enough speed is acquired the rider will then coast until longer distance’s are achieved.
  • Turning and braking will then be mastered.
  • When the rider is confident all the movements will already be second nature. Pedals will be installed.
  • At this point the rider is in charge.