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Bike Teacher is a Bicycle Mechanic Training School. Doors are now open to providing the same standards that are taught in class in bicycle repair and maintenance to the public.

Arthur is an instructor who teaches bicycle mechanics to beginners, enthusiast and those seeking employment as a bike mechanic. (don’t forget the highschool student, the retired and those seeking a new career).

Full Service Department

For fast and convenient professional bike repair service performed on your bike. Contact us for questions and appointments or use our easy to use Scheduler to find a time thats right for you. For special time  early or late requests, please let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate you outside of business hours.

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Services Include

  • Tune-Up

  • C&H, A Tune- Up with new cable & housing installed

  • Drivetrain Cleaning

  • All Pro Tune Includes all the above with regreasing ( or replacing sealed cartridge bearings) all applicable bearings i.e. head set, bottom bracket and hubs.

  • Brake Bleed (2) $50 Bleeding front and rear brakes, includes fluid and hose measure and cut if needed (arts extra).

  • Brake, derailleur adjustments, bearing overhaul and adjustments

  • Component upgrades and parts swaps

  • Complete bike builds and tear downs

  • Shock service (seal & oil replacement)

  • Tubeless tire setup and refill

  • Suspension bearing replacement

  • Suspension setup

  • Rider Position set up

  • Wheel True

  • Factory, manufacture interaction and send back

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