What is a hybrid and why should I consider one?

Hybrid bicycles are one of my most favorite bikes to ride. Simply because they are very comfortable to pedal with little to no strain on the back. Almost effortless in my opinion in such a way that it’s really fun!


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These bikes are great for anyone looking for a comfortable non strenuous ride. You could consider these an alternative to the beach cruiser bikes but with more capabilities. These are perfect for taking a leisurely bike stroll through the neighborhood with the family, picking up a few groceries at the store or commuting to work.

Hybrid Features

  • Front Suspension Fork: Great for soaking up the bumps on the road or dirt trail. Keeping steering under control.
  • Optional 26” wheels. 700c wheels are available for less rolling resistance. With 26” wheels and tires there is more tire surface area to help absorb bumps.
  • High Rise Stem and Handlebar. Adjustability optional. These two items Allow your back to stay in an upright position.
  • Ergonomic Grips: Contours to your palms keeping circulation to a maximum.
  • Suspension Seatpost: Will cut down on the jarring vibrations of the road from being sent through the bike and into your back.
  • Gel Padded Seat: Gel padding offers maximum comfort on rough roads.
  • Rack Mount Eyelets- Mount a front and rear rack with panniers

Hybrid Tires

Like the term implies, hybrid bicycles has more than just one function. Its a utility bicycle able to travel on different types of terrain.

Tread Design- Tread design has two important features. In the center of these tires it will be smooth or almost smooth, this allows for less rolling resistance, for example: riding on pavement.

The outsides (edges) of the tire will have an aggressive pattern (knobbies). This will be for traction when turns are made in dirt or loose gravel.


Most Hybrid handlebars will have a rise upward and back towards the rider. This will bring the bars closer to your body. A typical hybrid stem (the stem holds the handlebars to the bike) will also be longer by a few inches than non hybrid bikes. The angles of both stem and handlebar are angled back and up towards the rider.. All this helps in keeping your back straighter. Which has many other benefits for the rest of your body.

Your riding position on a hybrid

They are designed to put your body in an upright sitting position. Similar to sitting in a chair. Your back is close to a vertical position. Hybrid bicycles frames are the foundation which consists of specific angles. Almost any bike can be positioned in this manner with the right components. But if you can get a “hybrid specific bike” it will be that much better.

Typical mountain bike geometry would be the next bike to mimic the hybrid. You will find the sitting position a little more aggressive, closer to a 45 degree angle.This position aids in aerodynamics and handling.

Road bike positioning will be the the most aggressive in all three scenarios. Skinny tires ( 700 cm) , a 45 degree angle of the back and the addition of drop bars allows the rider to get in a tight tucked position to maximize wind efficiency. Making the road bike a fast and efficient machine.

Hybrid bicycles make a great choice for anyone looking to capitalize on a bicycle purchase, because it can serve many needs. Even if many of your needs are seasonal.