Kids Bike Safety

Kids bike safety

With the right preparedness you can lower the risk of danger.

Kids safety offers great exercise and really allows kids to burn off some energy. Bicycle safety only works if they have you on their side. For me, I become one with the bike and really focus on the enjoyment it brings.

I still have to keep in mind the possible dangers. My seven year old nephew and five year old niece just got new bikes. The younger with training wheels and the other moving up to the bigger bmx. Bicycles can bring a lifetime of benefits of all sorts, health is the biggest.

Safety for kids while on a bike give's freedom and independence it gives. There's nothing like it. I think that something kids enjoy the most.

Don't forget

Bike fit

  • First Make sure the bike is the right size. At the minimum you want their feet to touch the ground completely to feel safe on the bike. You may have to adjust the seat for this. You usually don’t want the top bar (tube) in their crotch when they are standing over the bike with feet to the ground. An inch or three will suffice between child (crotch) and top tube. Hands should be able to grasp the handlebars without their body to bent over and head should stay looking forward for good bike safety.
  • Check that the bike is in safe working order. All bolts are tight, brakes work, tires have proper air pressure and seat is in good shape and not too uncomfortable. If you're unsure of the bike's safety you can take it to a bike shop and they could give it a once over. They may even do it for free if its a one speed coaster brake style. Kids first bike, check out “Push bikes”.
  • Don’t forget a bell or horn to let people (pedestrians) know you’re coming. It's all for kids bike safety.


A proper fitting helmet is important. Lets protect their little melon. Some helmets can be as cheap as fifteen dollars. As long as they meet one or more of the safety standards: CPSC, SNELL B90A, CE and AS/NZS. Size of the helmet is important and correct adjustments. And make sure it is facing the correct direction.Some will even match the color of their bicycles showing them bicycle safety is fun.

Bike Helmet

Be Seen

Wear clothing that is visible during the day and night, bright colors like fluorescents.

A bright flag at the end of a tall attachment will help drivers see the bike rider. Toy stores or bike shops may have this. Lights and reflectors are a must and required by law in most cities. Front and rear lights are needed.

Proper Clothing

Closed toed shoes are a must for staying safe. Making sure it covers the foot completely. Long pants are great if the weather calls for it. Knee and elbow pads are an option as well. If they will be on a ride for a long duration padded shorts are recommended. This will keep chafing to a minimum. Don’t forget the gloves.

Riding Habits

  • Always control the bike. Other wise kids may seem out of control and unpredictable.
  • Kids should keep at least one hand on the handlebar for good bike safety.
  • Obey traffic signals and use hand signals.
  • Kids should Safely stay on one path, don’t swerve in and out of driveways.
  • Watch for hazards, uneven roads, loose debris such as wet leaves and gravel.
  • Sidewalk riding is usually ok for kids under a certain age. check with your city for rules and laws.