New Rider Checklist

New rider check list

This Class is geared towards getting familiar with your bike. Perfect for the new rider or anyone who has questions about their bike and different riding situations. These classes can be applied for on road riding or off road mountain biking.

On Road (road riding) Classes and Off Road (mountain biking) Classes offered

Learn How To

  • How your shifters work
  • How to slow and stop with your front and rear brake
  • How and when to shifting properly
  • Learn rider positioning and balance on varied situations (inclines, descends)
  • Learn rider educate in traffic, on trails and in a ride group
  • Technical skills for obstacles i.e. Mountain Biking
  • Rider maintenance
  • Other questions you may have

Classes will be taught on your bike, in the field and in a casual environment. This will be a hands on small group of up to five people for on road and three for off road mountain biking.

Bring the bike you intend on actually riding or one similar to it for a successful learning opportunity. The shifters are one of the biggest differences between manufacturers and shifting procedure’s can be different.

*FYI, the same Bike manufacture i.e. Specialized, can use different components like Shimano and Sram for the same model (two Completely different bikes). There are slight differences in the way the shifting is performed from the rider.

You should already have been fitted for your bike prior to this class. We will spend a short amount of time adjusting your saddle height and perform a quick check on safety.

There are various things that keep a rider safe and on their mission, a lot of it comes from the rider. Most common practices are taken for granted by the experienced rider. For the new rider who has little or no experience they are dependent on these skills at all times. Its best to learn these good habits in the beginning. Just like anything, good habits will become second nature.

Being safe and having fun is what its all about. By learning these valuable skills you will automatically become confident. Once you acquire this confidence you are left to enjoy your self and or attack the mission in front of you.