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Bicycle Mechanic School


70 Hour Class- Personalized learning experience!

Our Bicycle Mechanic School and provides 70 hour classes if you want to work in the bicycle industry as a bike mechanic or if you are an enthusiast who wants the confidence that comes with the experience. All classes welcome beginners to experienced levels.


(1 or 2 person maximum class per instructor, request on on one)

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This 70hour course goes deeper than the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair. Bike Teacher training certificates provided. In addition to the more general topics covered in our 40 hour class, you will work in a hands on environment with Bike Teacher to look at the different range of products and their maintenance needed. The 30 extra hours will allow you to venture into the different style of components that you would run into on a day to day basis in a bike shop as a mechanic.

A small example of this would be include; different types of brakes such as disc, cantilever, linear-pull, cable, hydraulic etc. different bottom bracket standards; outboard (external, pressfit, one piece crank arm set, bmx and so on and how to maintain and rebuild, headsets, hubs, sealed cartridge bearings and the different options and adjustments required.

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Chapter 1 — Basic Mechanical Skills
Chapter 2 — Tires & Tubes
Chapter 3 — Rear Sprockets
Chapter 4 — Hubs
Chapter 5 — Wheel Truing
Chapter 6 — Pedals
Chapter 7 — Cranksets
Chapter 8 — Chains
Chapter 9 — Derailleur Systems
Chapter 10 — Internal Gear Systems
Chapter 11 — Caliper Disc Brake Systems
Chapter 12 — Caliper Rim Brake Systems
Chapter 13 — Handlebars, Stems, Saddles, & Seatposts
Chapter 14 — Headsets
Chapter 15 — Frame & Fork
Chapter 16 — Suspension
Chapter 17 — On-Ride Repair
Appendices A–J — Reference Materials


This is a hands on class for those looking to get into the bicycle maintenance industry or just to gain the knowledge to work like one. Experience a one on one learning experience or bring a partner. This can be performed in 14 consecutive days (M-F) or tailored to your schedule for days, evenings and weekends. Contact Bike Teacher today and schedule your time.

Also included in the class i.e. materials and hardware:

  • One on one instruction

  • Cables, housing, sealant, brake fluid etc.)

  • Shocks will be set up to your rider weight

  • Includes Tubeless Tire Set-Up

  • Rider Position Set-Up

  • Measure and Cut Hydraulic Lines

A deposit of $100 is required to hold your space for this class. Ask about payment options.


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