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Professional Bicycle Mechanic Association


To promote the Professional Bicycle Mechanic: 
We are educating the public, the industry, and the sport about the importance of a well-trained and experienced bicycle mechanic to facilitate the enjoyment, safety, and profitability of the sport.  We will celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of all mechanics for the greater good of the trade.

To advocate for the Professional Bicycle Mechanic: 
We are communicating with Owners, Manufacturers, and Teams about the value and need for a qualified bicycle mechanic, and we are working on a pathway to develop future bicycle mechanics. We are working with the established cycling community to evolve the image of the bicycle mechanic into a professional expert.

To develop the Professional Bicycle Mechanic: 
We are educating, and building upon the education of, bicycle mechanics.  Whether a mechanic's trade application is race, shop or industry, we aspire to keep their skills valuable and relevant.  We are working alongside the existing educational institutions to provide a codified system, by which mechanics can become Recognized Professionals.