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Are you interested in a hands on bicycle mechanic training experience in Northern California? For some people this will be in their backyard, for others not so close. When I was interested in learning more about bicycle mechanic training I choose to go to Barnetts Bicycle Institute In Colorado Springs for two weeks. The other choice was United Bicycle Institute in Oregon. It was a bit pricey for the classes, room, food and flight but I'm glad I did it, it was quite the experience.

Now there is an alternative, Bike teacher is located in San Jose CA, also known as Northern California or Silicon Valley. I created Bike Teacher partly for my passion for bikes and working with my hands but mainly to offer people an alternative to the typical classroom settings. Like Barnetts Bicycle Institute it was designed for a large classroom of people with maybe one two instructors for the class and you are on their schedule.

Even though I was pretty confident in my abilities the typical classroom structure did'nt work for me despite the top notch instruction. I found myself falling behind in some areas. What I needed was to slow it down and spend more time with my hands on the bike making mistakes. I like to problem solve. I tried to structure the classes to be well rounded like United Bicycle Institute except I do not offer a frame building class but I would love to partner with someone. 

I am also a member of Professional Bicycle Mechanic Association (PMBA). The Professional Bicycle Mechanic Association mission is to promote, develope and advocate for the professional bicycle mechanic


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