Choosing a basket

Bicycle baskets are a utility item. They are great for a liquor store run or Farmers market. Commuters use them all the time to get to work or run errands. Kids like them because they are just fun. Most baskets need to be permanently installed. But there are some that are detachable. This would allow you to park and lock your bike, disconnect the basket and walk into the store or go picnic.

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The different styles

  • Front mounted
  • Rear Mounted
  • Soft Bag Instead Of A Basket
  • Detachable and
  • Non Detachable

There are different sizes and styles to choose from. They have ones with colorful flowers to plain black. Whatever your purpose or tastes are, there is one out there for everybody.

Front-mounted basket

Front mounted Baskets attach onto the handlebars of the bike and then attaching directly to the lower forks via struts to what are called eyelets. The eyelets are what the attaching bolts would screw into to support the basket.

Rear-mounted baskets, bags and panniers

The most common rear mounted basket you will find today is one that works in conjunction with a bike rack. The rack will mount to the rear of the bike with hardware. Once the rack is installed baskets or bags/Panniers can then be installed onto the rack. You will be able to mount on basket on each side of the rack for a total of two. Some baskets allow you to collapse them when they are not in use.

Soft bags or Panniers can be used in place the baskets. Panniers allow for the cargo to be protected from the elements i.e. rain and sun. There versatility is endless. You can detach the panniers from the bike and take them into the store. Most will have handles and carrying straps. Pretty cool!


Two of my favorites, This lightweight bamboo-slat basket attaches via a quick-release handlebar mount, making removal a snap. At the beach? Chain your bike to a boardwalk rack, remove the basket, and throw the shoulder strap over your head to carry your towel, sundries, and Hollywood trash rag down to the sand for a day of sun, surf, and relaxation.

Detours Alki Beach Basket mounts to your bike's handlebar and is great for trips to the farmers market or leisurely jaunts to the beach.

  • Constructed of colorful, coated nylon, the Alki Beach Bike Basket offers enough space to carry all your gear for a full day in the sun; cinch cord collar contains contents.
  • Carrying the basket off of the bike is easy, thanks to the hide-away haul handles.
  • Removable interior wallet pouch keeps valuables secure.
  • The Detours Alki Beach Bike Basket sports an easy-to-install quick-release handlebar mounting system that supports 12 lbs. of cargo

You can find some pretty cool racks, panniers and bike baskets to suit not only your needs but your style and flair. If you have a vintage Schwinn bike and want to keep the style vintage you can find leather bags or a bike rack that uses wooden slats for style points.