Trainee Program


Call It a Trainee Program


It all started when...

I wanted to feel good about giving people a solid skill set they can feel confident about. Showing them from the ground up what real diagnosing is. This would be the foundation to performing  any task in the bike industry.

*You will be working on your own for the most part, getting more familiar and comfortable wrenching on bikes, checking in with the instructor along the way. If you wish to become certified you must complete the trainee Program and this can be taken after completing the 40 or 70 hour mechanic training courses. If you choose to take the trainee program on its own will will receive a certificate of completion only. Some mechanical bike skills will be required.

This program is designed to give you more hands experience with minor tutelage.

Take this program if you would like to work in the service department at any bike shop but lack the prerequisites that other schools require or you lack the shop experience needed to make you a legitimate bike mechanic. This program is designed to allow you to work on bikes at your pace with qualified instructor to guide you while you problem solve

Choose from the 40 hour up to the 80 hour program designed to have you learn , diagnose, disassemble, build a bike from the bare frame up to completion and the whole while teaching valuable diagnostic skills you can apply not only to any bike but in life. I call this the Stop, Look, Listen, Feel protocal.